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Hey guys, 

This is Karen and today we are talking all about Twin Flame packaging. 

We all love a beautiful packaging but let's be honest it's lifetime is short ! As soon as we receive a package we usually immediately discard it.

With that in mind we wanted to offer you the best of both worlds not only a beautiful packaging but also a packaging that would be as zero waste as possible and that would use any natural resources. 

Let's start with the envelope we use to pack each item, usually when exiting the factory a garnement is packed in a poly plastic bag. So that as our first mission, we needed to replace the plastic bag. Thanks to our collaboration with our supplier The Good Company all our pieces are packed in a 100% climate positive and 100% recycled stone envelope. 

Recycled stone does not use any water, trees, bleach or acids to produce. It is fully printed with soy ink and the transport is climate compensated. And the end result is better than we expected : it is beautiful and luxurious. 

All paper found in your shipping pouch is seeded which means you simply plant it and flowers will grow. This is our special gift to you, des fleurs sauvages (wild flowers), a piece of Paris that you can plant and grow anywhere. 

Lastly our shipping pouch is reusable, we have partnered with Repack in order to offer a reusable pouch. Once you receive it you can send back to Repack so they send to new customers. 








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