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Our 100% green packaging

Online shopping has had a huge impact on plastic waste created by packaging, let alone one company like Amazon in 2019 has generated 465 million pounds of waste due to packaging. At Twin Flame we made it our priority to minimize packaging waste as much as possible while still offering an enjoyable unboxing experience for our customers. Our packaging is a total of 4 items and they are all reusable, check it out below ! 

Our reusable shipping envelope 

Each Twin Flame piece in delivered in a Repack which is a reusable shipping envelope. Once you have received your order you just have to fold the pouch and you will need to return your empty pouch to the nearest mailbox (WORLDWIDE), it’s completely free! The Repack team cleans the empty pouch so it can be reused.

Check out our reel on instagram. 

By choosing Repack we are avoiding trash and reducing CO2 emissions by 80%. 

Recycle stone envelope 

Did you know ? When the factory is done manufacturing the clothes, generally each piece is packed in a polyester plastic pouch to ensure that the clothes are safe. Most companies keep this polyester protection and send it directly to the customers, other companies throw that polyester bag out and repackage the clothes in a sustainable packaging but that polyester bag goes to the trash anyway. To avoid this waste we use a custom made climate positive envelope made out of recycled stone (stone paper is made from 100% recycled material). Therefore, the clothes are directly, from our manufacture, packaged in that pouch and we avoid using any of the polyester envelope. 

Why is a stone paper envelope more sustainable than a conventional paper box ? Because it uses :

  • no water
  • no trees
  • no acids
  • no bleach
  • t’s printed with soy ink
  • with a climate compensated transport 
  • made with 100% solar energy 

How to reuse it : You can give a second life to that envelope as you can reuse it as a document folder. 

Seed paper for our tag and thank you note

The brand label, the button pouch and the return form are made out of seed paper which means it can be recycled once you are done with it. The seed paper can be replanted in a pot, you just have to water it and within a few weeks it will blossom.

Tag strings are biodegradable 

We pay attention to details at Twin Flame! Even the little string that is attached to the brand tag is made out of cotton and the closing part is made out of BIO PBS which is biodegradable.


Customer invoice is printed on 100% recycled paper 

As our natural resources are in danger, whenever we can used 100% recycled resource we choose to do so. 

How to reuse it : reuse the back of the paper for notes or a love note when you leave the house for your loved ones !

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