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Beauty Tips To Prepare You For Spring

Spring is quickly approaching and aren't we glad about it! We are saying goodbye to the gloomy cold and saying hello to fresh spring air and sunshine. Like one would do spring cleaning for their closet, why not do a reset on your beauty routine? I will be giving you some beauty tips that have been tried and true for the Twin Flame team that will help you feel the best this spring!


Acne we all know her and we all hate when she pops up out without a warning. The first step to having a flawless face is making sure to keep it clean! Living in crowded cities like New York and Paris I have learned the day can literally end up on your face.The first thing I like to do when I get home is wash my face to get rid of not so cute parts of the city. But sometimes that just isn't enough!

What you’ll need: Raw Honey 

When my face is looking hopeless I grab some raw organic honey. I wash my face and apply honey on my face for about 30 mins then I wash it off. “Raw honey is packed with components beneficial for your skin, especially if you have acne or autoimmune skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Even Candida overgrowth may be controlled by applying honey to your skin. Raw honey helps balance the bacteria on your skin, which makes it a great product to use for acne. Manuka honey has been studied as an anti-acne product and found to be significantly more effective than other popular products. Honey speeds up your skin cells’ healing processes. If you have blemishes or an eczema outbreak, honey that’s unpasteurized could speed healing and reduce inflammation. Manuka honey is so effective at healing wounds quickly that it’s now used by doctors in clinical settings. Raw honey is also a natural exfoliator, which means applying it to your face takes off dry, dull skin and reveals new skin cells underneath.” (How Applying Honey to Your Face Can Help Your Skin | Healthline

Glowing Skin

For glowing skin my favorite method is green tea steam facial!

What you’ll need: Green Tea Bags, Hot Water, Bowl, Towel

Grab a large bowl of steep green tea bags inside over hot water. Hover your clean face  over the bowl with a towel over you and sit in the bowl of steam for about 15-30 mins. When you come out your skin will be glowing and beautiful! “With its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, a green tea face mask can help benefit your skin in a variety of ways. Not only can it protect your skin from premature aging, UV damage, redness, and irritation, but it also has the ability to fight off bacteria that can lead to acne breakouts” (Benefits of Green Tea | Healthine)

Moisturizing Your Body

I am often very surprised how little people know how important moisturizing your body actually is? I am here to show you how you can start adding it into your routine. My favorite is intense moisturizer after a nice hot bath. Once out of the shower immediately applying your favorite lotion or oil is important to do while the skin is still damp.Daily moisturizing is vital for healthy skin…Our skin is the body’s largest organ and requires regular attention to stay young, blemish-free and healthy…The most important times to use moisturizer are after a bath, shave or exfoliation. For some, this might be twice a day. Moisturizing after a shower is very important because hot water strips all the moisture and oils out of your skin, leaving it parched and dry. While hot water may be relaxing, it also wreaks havoc on your skin. Never skip the moisturizer.” (The Importance of Moisturizing | University of Tennessee)

What you’ll need: Dry Brush, Oil of choosing 

 I asked one of the founders of Twin Flame, Karen Napoly, what her favorite way to moisturize.. “My beauty hack is when I have very dry skin I like to dry brush my body before taking a bath. Then I add a few drops of Argan oil in my bath which help to have a first all over moisture easily. And then when I get out of the bath I pat dry my skin and add another layer of moisturizing oil and my favorite is the Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn by Living libation.” (Karen Napoly). “The lymphatic system helps your body fight off infections. Fluids flow through the system and are filtered through the lymph nodes. If you’re sick or exposed to a lot of toxins, the system may become backed up and clogged. That is why your lymph nodes often become swollen when you have a cold. Dry brushing is thought to help the body release toxins through sweat. The course bristles on the brush stimulate the pores and open them up. This makes it easier for the body to sweat, which in turns reduces the amount of toxins flowing through the lymphatic system.” (Dry Brushing | Healthline)


We all have different hair lengths, hair types, and even hair styles. But one thing we can do this spring is make sure our hair is clean! I asked one of the founders of Twin Flame, Lisa Napoly, what her favorite hair hack is and here is what she said.

What you’ll need: Organic apple cider vinegar, An application bottle, Water  

“Apple cider vinegar hair rinse! It helps get rid of product build up and I do it maybe twice a month. I put it in a little spray bottle,1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (must be organic) and then I add water. After that I spray that to the root of my hair and let it sit for 7-8 min and then shower!” (Lisa Napoly). “Apple cider vinegar has many applications as a home remedy. One of these is as a hair wash to improve scalp health, strengthen hair, and enhance shine. While hailed as a home “panacea” or “cure-all” for health problems despite being under-researched, the benefits and science around ACV does deliver when it comes to hair care. For those dealing with hair issues such as itchy scalp or hair breakage, apple cider vinegar might be a great natural remedy to explore.” (Can Apple Cider Vinegar Benefit Your Hair? | Healthline).

Thank you for reading and happy self care day to you all X

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