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Better together, let's help those that are saving our planet

Why we chose to donated 1% at an organization with every purchase ? 

Being gentle to our planet is in our DNA. From start to finish in our development process we stop and think how we can make the best decision for the planet. 

One of them was giving back and here is why: 

First of all, why not ? Donating a small amount whenever you purchase something is the best way to help organizations to take their mission to the next level. That is why we give back on every purchase and all year round, we do not need a special occasion to do so. 

Second, let’s be honest anyone that is producing or selling a product (especially online) has an environmental footprint on the planet. So making sure that in return we are carefully helping those that are helping with our planet is a must. 

Lastly as individuals we all want to help out of some sort but finding the right organization is never easy. And when we can only donated a little bit we feel like we won’t make a difference. Well thanks to your purchase at Twin Flame you are making a difference. 

After hours of researching and several appointments we chose the organisation Healthy Seas. Simply because they truly were in alignement with our company as they call their mission: A journey from waste to wear. This is what we call a full circle moment. 

What is Healthy Seas's mission ? 

Healthy seas was founded in 2013 to tackle the problem of ghost fishing in order to fight marin life destruction. They collect waste and make sure it will become a valuable resource. 
A mission made possible with the help of an organization called « Ghost diving », a team of divers around the world that are specialized in removing fishing gear and marine debris. 
As of today Healthy Seas has collected 585 tons of waste. As their mission is to transform this waste into a valuable resource, nylon fish nets are made into Aquafil Econyl Yarn. 

What is ghost fishing ? 

Ghost fishing is a term that describes what happens when fishing gear is lost, discarded or abandoned in the marine environment. As the fishing gear is no longer under control it continues to trap marine animals and it provokes their death.  

Each year 640 000 tons of fishing gear is lost or abandoned and in consequence millions of marine animals are injured or killed.

Why is marine life important ? 

Marine life in general regulates the ocean: it keeps pollution under control, filters toxins from the water, and prevents the occurrence of large scale algal blooms

Oceans regulate our climate. The ocean produces over half of the world's oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. Over 90% of the additional heat caused by global warming is stored in the Oceans. Without this service world temperatures would be too unstable to support life.

Read about our Zero Waste pollution fabric and how it prevents micro plastic to be released in the air or water. 

Love from Paris,

The TF team  

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