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How We - Together - Are Helping The Planet

Being gentle to our planet is in our DNA. From the beginning of our development process until our collections hang softly in your wardrobe, we’re consciously making decisions with sustainability and environmental preservation in mind. In fact, sustainability is the driving force for a lot of what we do here at Twin Flame. 

We are acutely aware that the fashion industry, particularly the fast fashion sector, is a major contributor to climate change. Anyone producing or selling a product (especially online) has an environmental footprint on this planet. So, as a sustainable brand, we are extremely driven to address the issue and make positive change from the inside out. And together, with you, we can make that happen. 

What is the 1% donation program?

One of the ways we’re embracing our role in sustainable trade, aside from using sustainable fabrics and ethical processes, is donating 1% of every purchase to organizations that are actively fighting against climate change, and for our planet.


The answer is simple… because we should. We truly believe we all have a responsibility to protect our planet. As a consumer, we know it can be difficult finding brands that align with your values or are transparent about their alignments and how their proceeds are used.

So we hope that for you, knowing where your money is going is an affirmation of your continued efforts of sustainability. By donating a small amount of money to an organization fighting for our environment every time you purchase a garment, you are helping organizations take their mission to the next level. For us, redirecting 1% of your purchase to help fund environmental organizations is a great way to know that with every sale, we are giving back and propelling change.

After hours of researching and appointments with different organizations, we found our perfect match - Healthy Seas. When we learned about the incredible work of Healthy Seas and the way their ethics and actions aligned so perfectly with ours, the decision was a no-brainer. Their mission details a journey from waste to wear and as a sustainable fashion label, our partnership truly felt like a full-circle moment.

 What Do Healthy Seas Do? A Journey From Waste to Wear

 Healthy Seas was founded in 2013 to tackle the damaging phenomenon of ghost fishing. Ghost refers to lost discarded or abandoned fishing gear responsible for the needless death of millions of marine animals and destruction of the marine environment. Each year 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear is lost or abandoned in the marine environment, trapping animals, leading to their death.

Healthy Seas work with ‘ghost divers’ and stakeholders in the fishing sector to clean up the marine environment. They collect waste nets and ensure they are repurposed into valuable resources. As of today, Healthy Seas has collected over 585 tonnes of waste, preventing the senseless deaths of marine animals and turning collected nylon fish-nets into Aquafil Econyl Yarn.

Why is Marine Life Important?  

Oceans regulate our climate. They store over 90% of the additional heat caused by global warming, and without doing so effectively, world temperatures would be too unstable to support life. The ocean produces over half of the world’s oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. So it goes without saying, we need healthy oceans for a healthy planet and to have healthy oceans, we need healthy marine life.

Marine life plays a crucial role in regulating the ocean, it is responsible for keeping pollution under control, filtering toxins from the water and preventing the occurrence of large-scale algae blooms. These processes are vital for creating a balanced marine environment and allowing our oceans to regulate our climate.

So, let’s all do our part in consciously learning about our planet and how we can protect it.

Read about our Zero Waste pollution fabric and how it prevents microplastics to be released in the air or water.

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