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Meryl, an innovative and zero waste pollution fabric

At Twin Flame, we made it our priority to always source fabrics and materials that are high quality so that they can last in time and be as sustainable as possible so that we can limit the impact on the environment. 

Today, we introduce Meryl, the fabric we used for the bodysuit part of the Twinsparency set.  

@endlesslyloveclub wearing the Twinsparency bodysuit.

What is Meryl Fabric ? 

Meryl is an innovative fabric made in Spain. It’s known as one of the lightest yarns in existence which means the hollow fiber ensures the wearer thermal confort. 

But most importantly, this fabric is certified to be zero pollution thanks to the Hydrogen Technologies behind it, which avoids any microfiber shedding into the air and water & offering 100% recyclable & circular solutions.

To sum up why this fabric is so special : 

  • it's very light weight 
  • it's very confortable 
  • ensures thermal confort 
  • zero microplastic released in the air or water 
  • No microplastic will be released in the water when washing your bodysuit at home
  • infinitely recyclable 

See our certification below :

What is microplastics pollution ? 

Microplastic is a small pieces of plastic, less than 5mm in length that occur in the environment as a consequence of plastic pollution. Microplastics have been found in a variety of environments, including oceans and freshwater ecosystems. In oceans alone, annual plastic pollution, from all types of plastics, was estimated at 4 million to 14 million tons in the early 21st century. Microplastics also are a source of air pollution, occurring in dust and airborne fibrous particles.

Why did we choose this fabric for the bodysuit? 

Finding the right fabric for the design that you have in mind is a true struggle in the creative process. We knew exactly what we wanted but the challenge was to find a fabric that had the least impact on the planet. As we always have our customer in mind when we design a new piece, we wanted this bodysuit to be in a fabric that was comfortable but be sophisticated enough so you could wear it on its own without the silk top. We believe we found the perfect fabric for it.  

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