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Discover Sungai Watch, our partner to fight plastic pollution

Article written by Jen Cassamajor.

We all know that when it comes to protecting the environment, plastic is kind of public enemy number one. Harm to wildlife, chemical pollution, microplastics… the list of the consequences of plastic pollution goes on and on. That’s why it seemed pretty important to Twin Flame founders to limit waste as much as possible with 100% reusable packaging for instance (Learn more about our Sustainability Commitments). Another way to tackle plastic pollution has been to partner up with an environmental organization, Sungai Watch, which has made it its mission to protect the oceans from plastic. Today we’re introducing that charity we’re so happy to be working with!

What is Sungai Watch?

Founded in 2020 by Gary, Kelly and Sam Bencheghib in Bali, Sungai Watch is an environmental charity with one goal: to stop the flow of plastic pollution. How? The Indonesian organization has developed its own design of trash barriers. Did you know that more than 80% of plastic waste in the oceans actually come from rivers? With their barriers, Sungai Watch aims to stop plastic directly at the source before collecting, sorting and upcycling it. We tend to believe that plastic pollution is an issue you can only tackle with big money and huge organizations. This operation is proof that there are affordable solutions as long as we're ready to put our energy into it. With presence in Bali and Java already, Sungai Watch’s objective is to install 1000 barriers throughout the country while also planning an international expansion in Asia and Latin America.


We would also like to mention another aspect of Sungai Watch’s mission: education. We should all feel concerned by environmental issues, and the best way to make sure of this is through education. Thanks to educational sessions and campaigns (community cleanups, school and government presentations…), Sungai Watch creates awareness in local communities as we can all agree on the fact that knowing about an issue is the first step in taking action against it.

Sungai Watch x Twin Flame

With Indonesia and more particularly Bali holding a special place in TF’s founders hearts, it didn’t take much for them to feel inspired by Sungai Watch’s mission. How exactly does that partnership work? Since March 2023, for every Twin Flame purchase Sungai Watch will collect the equivalent of 1 kilo of plastic. It might seem kind of abstract so let’s put it this way: 1 kilo of plastic represents not less than 50 bottles of plastic. We’re very happy to take part in such a great operation and to know that every purchase has a positive and concrete impact on preserving our precious oceans. We highly recommend you to check out Sungai Watch’s website and social media to learn more about the organization and support its beautiful mission!

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