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We are extremely honored to share with you our interview with the magazine L'OFFICIEL Germany.

Read the translated interview below.

Twin Flame Paris - a young label that focuses on sustainable fashion

"Sisters Karen and Lisa Napoly founded Twin Flame Paris during the Corona crisis. In this interview they will talk about the challenges and opportunities associated to the crisis, as well as the question of why environmental awareness is more important than ever in the fashion industry."

"In 2019, after studying fashion business and a master's degree in communication and long modeling careers for high fashion brands, [Karen and Lisa] decided to follow their childhood dream and dared to start their own company. From the very beginning, their focus was on special pieces that were are not only sustainable, but also sensual and feminine." 

L'OFFICIEL: What inspired you to create your company and how was your experience to build a brand in the times of Covid & lockdowns?

LISA: "We came up with the idea for Twin Flame in 2019. Sustainable clothes were still a niche business in the fashion industry at that time and we really wanted to finally bring sensual yet elegant pieces to this market. Of course, it was nerve-wracking to start a brand during the Corona crisis and we had to keep adapting to the current situation, but at the same time it was also a great opportunity."

KAREN: "Online shopping boomed because of lockdowns. As we only sell our collections online it was good timing for us in that regard. In addition, many companies had reduced their production due to Covid so we had the opportunity to work with suppliers and factories that usually are fully booked and don't take new customers in. The question that now arose was whether people would be ready to exchange their sweatpants they'd grown accustomed to wear in lockdown to sexy and chic pieces."

L'O: How do you relativize between the superficial aspect fashion can be associated with and the problems we currently have in the world?

KAREN: "In our opinion, the shallowness in the
fashion industry is a cliché. Fashion is not superficial, fashion is a sweet escape that we fall in love with from time to time."

LISA: "Fashion is magic. The right outfit can empower you and help you make your dreams come true. Fashion can also help to forget the chaotic outside world for a moment and focus on the good."

Your brand is all about sustainability. Why did you make that choice and how do you wish your brand could influence the world of fast fashion in a positive way?

KAREN: "We couldn't imagine creating something that would harm people and the planet. It's just not right, and unfortunately there are so many companies that do just that. Working in harmony with people and the planet feels so much better. Also, we love challenges. When we came up with the concept for Twin Flame, sustainability was our main goal. Implementing sustainable practices throughout the process was our biggest challenge. That's why we had such a long pre-launch period before the actual go-live. We wanted to make sure we were working with the right partners. With partners who share our values." 

LISA: "We don't want to influence the world of fast fashion because it is a huge business and it can never be truly ethical and sustainable as long as the current business models are maintained. Instead, we wish we could encourage people to shop less, more sustainably and invest in timeless pieces. That's the best way, to challenge the fast fashion industry to make a change."


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