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Coline Our Twin Muse Of The Month

Coline is this month's Twin Muse. She is the french girl to watch for : as she is a
sustainability enthusiast with an adorable personality.

Astro sign ?


Tell us a little more about you…

My name is Coline, I am a legal expert and passionate about responsible fashion.

I like to have cocktails with friends, watch the sunset, the french gastronomy & travel.

Who inspires your style?

Scandinavian influencers or street style in general. 

My gaze will constantly be challenged by originality, and will not stop on uniform style.

Your first fashion memory?

My mother always followed trends and always cared for her looks. Her influence may have played because according to her when I was around 3 years old, I was already choosing my outfits and mastered color associations. From that age, my style was not gendered, and I could dress either in a feminine or masculine way depending on my mood.

What are the 3 must-haves in your closet?

A black blazer, a trench coat, and boyfriend pants always with a twist of originality!

What is your favorite Twin Flame piece?

The Darling dress is a dress that sparks mystery. She is not form fitting but she still enhances my curves. 

The fluidity of the fabric gives me freedom in my movements, the shapes make me feel fierce and the fabric makes me feel seductive.

Coline is here wearing the bodysuit from the Twinsparency Set

What does sustainable fashion mean to you? 

In my opinion, sustainable fashion is not a trend it is here to stay. It implies a limitation or even neutrality of its impact on the environment from the stage of creation of the garment, until its delivery. 

Responsible fashion is innovative, creative, ethical, and often committed to causes.

In my opinion sustainable fashion can take the form of the sale of secondhand clothing or pieces made of upcycled or certified fabrics. But also the loan, rental, exchange & the maintenance of clothes are an integral part of eco friendly fashion.

What are your eco-friendly tips? 

Choose a more minimalist way of living, buy what you need and not what society leads us to believe as necessary. This means buying things that are durable, useful and independent of trend.

When traveling I choose transportation that have a lower CO2 footprint.

Moreover I buy local and seasonal groceries. I avoid any single use products and lastly I sort through emails or documents to limit the intensive storage of information.

What does Sexy by Nature mean to you? 

To me it means to never feel disguised, be natural and be yourself.

When do you feel most confident? 

When I am in my various havens of peace

When I am in an environment where I can be 100% myself

When I feel good in my clothes. 

To be truly honest, confidence is not something I feel I have achieved yet. It still needs so much understanding, research of my inner self, and self-acceptance so I believe I still have a long way to go. 

What are your beauty secrets?

Even in beauty I apply my minimalistic way of living: I wear very little make up and only occasionally. My daily routine consists of using a cleasing gel and a moisturizing cream from Bioderma. I sit in the sun whenever I can to have a sun kissed glow. I have a balanced diet and long night’s of sleep.

As you are the queen of vintage, can you style a Twin Flame piece with thrifted pieces only? 

Yes! Challenge accepted!

The Twin Flame Twinsparency Set paired with

A Paco Rabanne blazer I thrifted at the Violette Sauvage event.

The pants & shoes are second hand purchased on the Vinted plateform.

The bag is a vintage Burberry found at the Gimme Glitter boutique.

Thank your for reading!

Coline has been traveling the world lately so make sure to follow her adventures on Instagram @colinecauql !

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