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The Creative Process Of Our Second Drop

Welcome! I am happy you made it here, this is Karen the co founder of Twin Flame and if you want to stick around I will now explain to you our creative process for the second drop. 

The Concept

The idea for the second drop started blossomingthe day we stumbled upon this stunning avocado green silk fabric. We had been searching for deadstock fabrics for months but we could find a fabric that screamed Twin Flame.We always wanted to offer pieces made out of deadstock as it is today the most sustainable option there is when making a garment. Sustainability being in our DNA using leftover fabrics means we are limiting our impact on the planet.

One day while browsing the showroom of one of our suppliers we found THE fabric. We did not know what we were going to do with it but we knew anything in this color and quality would feel and look amazing.

The Design

On to the design, we know our Twin Flame girl love a black piece all year round but we also knew that a beautiful colorful piece for summer would steal her heart.So we went ahead and designed The Flirt Dress: a mini dress to get noticed in any room you enter ! The perfect structured mini with a low cleavage and flaired sleeves.

As you might or might not know each Twin Flame drop offers only two pieces. So we went ahead and designed a more classic piece: The Darling Dress. A stunning long and backless dress with the Twin Flame signature slit. A classic piece with a spicy twist.

Then the concept came together : Limited Edition. The reason for that is that the dresses are limited in production as we are limited in fabric.Only 13 Flirt Dresses will be made in the avocado green 100% silk fabric and only 30 Darling dresses will be made in the finest French silk.Drop 2: two limited edition dresses made out of 100% silk and numbered on the tag.We believe that sustainable fashion is first and foremost changing the way you consume fashion. We believe it is time we buy less but better. Cherish a piece that makes you feel incredible.

The Prototypes

See below our first prototypes of the two pieces … 

As you can see we have come a long way since the first prototype. We usually go for 3 to 4 prototypes before we have the perfect piece. Customer satisfaction is very important for us, it's what motivate us to be very meticulous in our work. We are very hands on every step of the way. We spend a lot of time at the factory choosing each and every detail. We believe a beautiful piece is all in the details !  

After seing the second prototype of The Darling Dress we wanted to add a more daring detail. This is when we decided to change the neckline and give it a special twist. 

We went from this...

To this...

As the other part of the dress was perfect we decided to only redo the prototype of the neckline in order to not waste any fabric.

The Final Result

I think now that you have read all about the journey of the second drop it is about time you see the final result ! 


Only 13 of it's kind. The Flirt will be customized with numbers on the tag ranging from 1 to 13.

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Only 30 of it's kind. The Darling will be customized with numbers on the tag ranging from 1 to 30.

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