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How Deadstock Fabric Could Revolutionize Sustainable Fabric

Every year, about 13 million tons of textiles from clothing manufacturers end up as waste. While the vast majority is from mass-produced clothing, a portion of this waste from the high-end fashion world could be used in other ways.
At Twin Flame, we focus on finding new sustainable clothing methods that lead to incredible pieces for our clients as well as help lessen the impact of fashion choices on the environment. That is why we have created our line of Flirt Dresses made from deadstock fabric. This way, you can make a sexy statement of empowered confidence without sacrificing your commitment to a more eco-friendly shopping philosophy. 

What is Deadstock Fabric?
Deadstock fabric is a crucial aspect of sustainable clothing. Whenever a fashion house has too much leftover or unused fabric, it can either throw it away and contribute to the landfills worldwide or offer the sale of this fabric at discounted rates.
We much prefer the second option because that is aligned with the goals of Twin Flame - creating sensual pieces that are sustainable. Leftover fabric means we do not need to use any further resources in producing the raw materials. It also offers an excellent challenge and limited line of pieces that ensure you won’t attend a party where someone is wearing the same type of dress.
Lisa looking for news fabrics at our suppliers showroom
We produced our 100% leftover silk dress in Paris and only made 13 of them because of the fabric we had to work with. As a result, each dress has its own number on the tag, making them collector's pieces that are truly rare.
Why is Deadstock the Most Sustainable Option? 
Deadstock fabric does not require any new resources to make. That saves manufacturers time, money, and wasted energy. This is far more sustainable to reuse than to create something new from raw materials.
Most deadstock fabric is in excellent condition because the manufacturer has overproduced a fabric. That makes it highly valuable to boutique specialist designers like us at Twin Flame. We can utilize these materials that would have otherwise been thrown into a landfill while also producing unique pieces that are high in demand by our clients.
What is the Difference between Upcycling and Deadstock? 
Upcycling is a bit different because that usually consists of having to destroy the original product in some way. Instead of taking advantage of the fabric that is already present, like you would with deadstock, you utilize chemicals or some other process that breaks the material down so it can be remade into something new.
We do not need to do upcycling because our design team seeks out those deliciously soft silks that can be shaped and formed into incredible pieces without harmful chemicals. One look at our Flirt Dress, and you will see exactly what we mean!
Why use Deadstock with the Flirt Dress? 

Twin Flame was founded by two models who understand the fashion world all too well and want to make a change in the way we do business. There is no reason to not integrate eco-friendly and sustainable practices into high fashion. That is why our motto of providing exceptional clothing that is sexy by nature has led us to use deadstock fabrics.
With our custom-made and limited edition Flirt Dress, we are able to continue in our mission of providing sustainably sourced clothing and offer a dress that will knock out any crowd that sees you. This is an incredibly alluring short dress with contours and shaping that hides just enough skin to be elegant and bold at the same time.

There will only be 13 of these dresses available, so you may want to place your order for our 100% silk deadstock fabric dress sooner than later. Looking good shouldn’t require causing harm to our environment. It should be a beautiful balance of what makes you unique while supporting a better decision in high fashion.
That is what we provide at Twin Flame and why our pieces have become so popular in the industry. Check out our Flirt Dress today and wrap your body in the pure eloquence of 100% silk saved from obscurity and repurposed into free-flowing eloquence.

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