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4 At Home Workouts You Will Actually Crave

This list is curated by Karen the co-founder of Twin Flame and a fitness enthusiast. 

I work out daily because it makes me feel good and it feels meditative. It became a part of my everyday routine because I actually CRAVE my workouts. So it is time I reveal the four superwomen that make me feel good every day. 

Before I roll out the list I have to specify that all workouts can be done at home. Let’s be honest going to the gym is a hassle to fit into our schedule and it is often the excuse we give ourselves. How many of us have paid for a gym for months but never set foot there? I did and I am sure you did too. 

This takes us to our second subject: THE MOTIVATION! Motivation is often result driven but our bodies will not transform overnight. So this is why it is important you create a moment for yourself even if it is 15 minutes where you do a workout that feels gentle and meditative.

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa wood health

Does she still need any introduction? The queen of slow but effective movements. She helps you work on a stronger relationship with yourself and your body while building a body you desire.  

Her workouts are soft but spicy! I have been using her platform weekly since 2019 and I am a huge fan. Her soothing voice will guide you throughout the mindful exercises she creates, always taking the time to remind you to focus on your form as it is key to making your workouts more effective.

Where can I find her? Check out some sneak peeks of her workouts on her Instagram @melissawoodhealth, you will instantly get inspired by her contagious energy.

B THE METHOD By Lia Bartha

 Lia bartha b the method

Tired of the same abs and high-impact exercises that simply don’t work? Lia Bartha is here to guide you through some of the most unique exercises you will ever do. Slow and intentional flows using a small stability ball that frankly changes everything! I have consistently been doing her exercises since 2020 and my core section has never been stronger.

On another note I personally hate cardio but she offers full body low impact cardio that will make you break a sweat without hating it. 

Where can I find her? She shares some live classes on her Instagram @liabartha, a great way to test out her technique! Don’t have a ball in hand? No worries, you can use a pillow!

The Sculpt Society By Megan Roup

I discovered Megan Roup and The Sculpt Society during the first confinement, as I needed to move my body energetically after staying home for so long. Her motto? Dance, Sculpt, and Sweat! Megan used to be on the NBA Brooklyn Nets dance team which inspired her to create classes that are a mix of dancing and powerful toning exercises. Her energy comes across the screen and you just forget you are working out and follow her moves. By the end of the class, you are sweaty and full of energy. You will feel empowered and at your best to get on with your day! 

Where can I find her? The Sculpt Society Instagram has great sneak peeks of the exercises to see if this gets you motivated! 

Move with Nicole

Nicole grew up as a gymnast and later became a professional dancer. She is a certified Pilates & Yoga instructor living in Australia! She has a passion for movement and aims to help you feel good in your body, mind, and soul. 

Nicole offers a mix of videos on her youtube channel, quick, accessible, and effective! Pretty good combo right? 

With and without equipment you can do her classes anywhere. 

My favorite sequences are her barre classes, these workouts are the best to feel the burn while looking like a ballerina. 

Where can I find her? ON YOUTUBE! Here is her channel: Move with Nicole

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