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Easy Sustainable Swaps To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

We often hear about living a more sustainable lifestyle but what does that mean exactly ? As much as we think that companies have a big responsibility towards the environment and should be making commitments (Read About Our 5 Sustainability Commitments), we also firmly believe that each one of us as an individual can make small steps to reduce their impact and this starts at home. Here are some easy sustainable swaps to make your home sweet home more eco-friendly and that mainly means cutting down on plastic waste. 

The Benefits Of Going Zero Waste 

When it comes to the environment we all know that plastic is kind of public enemy number one. It is everywhere and has an impact on pretty much everything surrounding us. When thrown away, plastic is often incinerated or dumped into landfills which leads to the pollution of air and soil. We also often hear about waste getting thrown in the oceans and the harm it can cause to marine species as they get entangled in it or accidentally digest it. And that issue can actually be extended to all wildlife. We could go on for pages but how about we focus on how we can actually act facing that major issue ? Small swaps in your everyday life can help you drastically reduce your use of plastic.

Sustainable Swaps In The Bathroom

sustainable swaps in the bathroom

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Refillable beauty products

A great way to avoid plastic waste is to use refillable beauty products. More and more beauty brands now offer a range of products that require you to buy the entire packaging once only. For makeup, we recommend Kjaer Weis. The brand founded by the renown make up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis uses only recyclable, compostable and refillable packaging, products and shipping materials. We also love Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. In the skincare department, our favorites are Tata Harper’s Water-Lock Moisturizer and Susanne Kaufmann’ s Cleansing Gel.

Reusable cotton rounds

Switching to reusable cotton rounds is a quick and easy change that can actually have quite an impact. Not only does it avoid a lot of waste - we all have that great long lasting lipstick that only goes off with the 5th pad - it is also a way to save money. One of our latest crushes are Face Halo’s Reusable Makeup Remover Pads. The fibers used allow you to remove makeup using water only ! If you’re in the mood for some DIY, you can also make your own by reusing old sheets or clothes you’re not wearing anymore.

Wooden toothbrushes

Ok, you probably already know about that one but did you know that bamboo is actually the best option in terms of material ? Indeed, growing bamboo requires very little water and fertilizers. It’s getting easier to find wooden toothbrushes in regular organic grocery stores but if you struggle finding ones, we do recommend The Humble Co and Brush With Bamboo.

Solid products

Another great way to avoid waste is to turn to solid beauty products. From shampoo to toothpaste, there are many options. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest you have a look at the brands Lush and Ethique that offer a large selection of products, from haircare to skincare. 

 Sustainable Swaps In The Kitchen


Beeswax wraps

It might be surprising at first but trust us, once you’ll try it you’ll never go back to plastic. Beeswax wraps are made of a fabric coated with food-grade beeswax, rosin and coconut or jojoba oils. They make a great alternative to the single-use plastic roll as they’re reusable and last quite a long time. Some brands we recommend : My Little Bee, Abeego and LilyBee Wrap.

Glass containers

When it comes to stocking up on food in a sustainable way, glass is your best friend. It is infinitely recyclable, long-lasting, can withstand heat and cold, doesn't absorb smells and flavors… Do you need us to go on ? The only issue we can think of - for the clumsiest ones of us - is that it breaks, but that has never stopped us from buying glasses, has it ? This eco-friendly swap can also apply to your lunch boxes !

Tea ball infuser

Did you know that plastic tea bags could be releasing microplastics into your tea? Maybe you’re thinking that paper tea bags are a better alternative. Well, they actually contain toxins, pesticides and dioxins. So buying a tea ball infuser will not only help you reduce waste but also be a healthier option.

Reusable storage bags

As we do get that glass containers can sometimes be too heavy or space consuming, we’ve got another option for you : reusable storage bags. Our favorites are Stasher bags. They’re made of pure silicone and can be recycled when worn out. 

One last tip : Now that you’ve found great ways to reduce your plastic use in the house, why not apply that to your grocery shopping ? Turn to zero waste shops !

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