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Selfcare Day At Home : Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Article written by Jen Cassamajor.
We will never stop saying it : selfcare is key. You should always make sure to free up enough time for yourself and yourself only. Selfcare can actually come in many different forms. At Twin Flame, we firmly believe that taking care of your skin and body can have a great impact on your mind and well being. And what a better way to treat your body than a relaxing spa day, without even leaving the comfort of your own home ?
Give yourself some TLC by following our spa at home routine :
Set the vibe

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This is probably the most important step. The vibe makes 90% of the job. How to achieve that relaxing spa vibe ? Candles will be your best friends. A dim lighting immediately gives that cozy feeling we’re looking for. And as all your senses should feel relaxed, we recommend giving your bathroom a nice smell by using an essential oil diffuser. Last but not least : music. Turn on your favorite chill playlist to complete the setting.

Bonus tip : Grab yourself a glass of your favorite tea, juice or even wine depending on the vibe you’re going for. After all, this is all about treating yourself.

Enjoy a hot bath


What’s the secret to the perfect bath ? Two words : soaking salts. Choose one kind and let them do their magic. Our personal favorites are magnesium salt flakes, great for physical relaxation. You can also add a few essential oil drops to your bath.You are more of a shower person ? Hop in an aromatherapy shower by using essential oils steamers. But just so you know, once you’ve tried these you might never stop !

Bonus tip : There is no such thing as too-long of a bath. Enjoy this moment to read, listen to a podcast or simply do nothing.

Exfoliate and massage your body


It is now time to truly treat that skin. Start with a body scrub to get rid of all the dead cells. Exfoliating your skin can also help a lot if you struggle with ingrown hairs. And here comes the best part : grab your favorite body oil and take the time to massage your entire body to soothe your muscles from any soreness the day (or week) might have brought. It does take time but you’ll feel so much better afterwards, you have our word.

Bonus tip : You can easily make your own scrub by using sugar or even coffee grounds mixed with vegetable oil such as argan oil or sweet almond oil. 


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Your pamper routine wouldn’t be complete without some hair love. Enjoy that time to give your hair the full routine: first start with an oil hair mask. Massage castor oil on your scalp to promote hair growth. Then add argan oil to the ends of your hair it will give major shine to your hair and tame the frizz, let it sit for 30 minutes. Follow up with a clarifying shampoo to clear buildup and remove residue of styling products. To finish, soak your hair in your favorite hair mask and relax. 

Bonus tip : Did you know that your scalp can also benefit from exfoliation ? Just like the skin on your face, it could use the removal of any dead skin cells, excess oil or impurities. Our favorite is the SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser from the brand Davines. 

 Give yourself a facial

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Start by getting rid of all toxins by giving yourself a nice steam treatment before cleansing your face. Put boiling water in a large bowl, drape a towel over the back of your head and lean towards the bowl for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, get rid of all the dead cells by exfoliating. Make sure to use a more gentle scrub than on the rest of your body. It is now time for the main character to enter : the face mask. Use one that answers the specific needs of your skin : hydration, glow, cleanse… End your face routine with your favorite moisturizer and face oil.

Bonus tip : Don’t forget your undereyes ! As that super thin skin is more sensitive, you might want to use a specific mask on this zone.

Time for Mani-Pedi


Your entire body should feel relaxed after that day, including your hands and feet ! Follow the same routine as on the rest of your body : exfoliate, massage and hydrate. It might take practice but trust us: no need to go to the manicurist to have your nails nicely done. Our main advice: don’t forget to push back your cuticles to get that clean professional look and have fun with nail polish colors. We should never underestimate the effect that cool nails can have on our mood.

Bonus tip : To make it easier to push back your cuticles, soak your nails in water for 5 minutes beforehand.


Source: Pinterest

This is not a one time thing. Make sure to enjoy that little spa at home routine anytime you feel the need to unwind or simply when you feel like it. Trust us, you deserve it.

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