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The Exhibitions You Don’t Want To Miss This Spring in Paris

This article was written by Jen Cassamajor.


Spring is just around the corner and with it comes that feeling of renewal we absolutely love. And we’re not only thinking about temperatures rising, the sun finally showing up and flowers blossoming. It is also a time of renewal when it comes to life in our favorite city and more specifically art. March sets the beginning of a new cultural season with a whole bunch of new exhibitions to discover. Here is a selection of the ones we are most excited for this season. You’ll know where to find us on Sundays afternoons !

“1997 Fashion Big Bang” at the Palais Galliera

In case you didn’t already know, we’re major 90s fans. We always tend to go back to that era when looking for fashion inspiration so we’re obviously very excited about the Palais Galliera’s newest exhibition : “1997 Fashion Big Bang”. Following a chronological path, the museum invites us to go back to the year 1997 that was marked by a series of collections, fashion shows and nominations that have started to shape the 21st century. The word “big bang” was actually used by Vogue to describe this year's Spring-Summer Haute Couture collection as it was considered the turn Paris needed to get back to the top as the international capital of fashion. An exhibition that will definitely please all the fashion enthusiasts!

1997 Fashion Big Bang from March 7th through July 16th, 2023 at the Palais Galliera

“Célébration Picasso, la collection prend des couleurs ! Directeur artistique : Paul Smith” at the Musée Picasso

You might wonder : what do Pablo Picasso and Paul Smith have in common? Well, we could actually list several things to find a connection between these two creative minds : their love for objects, for costumes… But it's mainly their love for color that has led the Musée Picasso Paris to invite the British designer to be in charge of the artistic direction of that new exhibition. As this year marks the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death, the exhibition will showcase his major and most famous works, sometimes in a dialogue with contemporary works by Guillermo Kuitca, Obi Okigbo, Mickalene Thomas and Chéri Samba. A great way to rediscover the famous Spanish artist’s work and notice how modern it still feels in 2023!

Célébration Picasso, la collection prend des couleurs ! from March 7th through August 27th, 2023 at the Musée Picasso.

“Ma pensée sérielle - Miriam Cahn” and “Exposé.es” at the Palais de Tokyo

The Palais de Tokyo presents the first big French retrospective about Mariam Cahn’s work. Get ready to face an explosion of colors, shapes, characters and landscapes. Through more than 200 works - sometimes not even hanging on the wall but just laying on the ground - the contemporary artist will definitely make you feel something, even though you might not be able to put a word on it!

We also highly recommend the second exhibition showcased in the Palais de Tokyo, “Exposé.es”. Inspired by Elisabeth Lebovici’s book Ce que le sida m’a fait – Art et activisme à la fin du 20e siècle, the exhibition focuses on the ways art has played a role in putting light on AIDS and the people that have been exposed to the virus.

Ma pensée sérielle - Miriam Cahn and Exposé.es from February 17th through May 14th, 2023 at the Palais de Tokyo

“Matisse. Cahiers d’art, le tournant des années 30” at the Musée de l’Orangerie

I know, I know, another Matisse exhibition? Well that’s the great thing about major artists such as the famous French painter, there’s always something more to discover and learn. With its newest exhibition, the Musée de l’Orangerie will tell you more about a decade that’s usually not seen as a topic of its own. Why the 30s? That period of time actually marks a big turn in Matisse’s life and work as he left France to move to Tahiti. With this exhibition, we discover his work in the 30s through a famous art journal of the time, Cahiers d’art. Bonus for our art lovers : you’ll get to see major works that are rarely seen in France!

Matisse. Cahiers d’art, le tournant des années 30 from March 1st through May 29th, 2023 at the Musée de l’Orangerie

“Giovanni Bellini, influences croisées” at the Musée Jacquemart-André

Any art enthusiast would probably confirm, the Musée Jacquemart-André never misses in showing us absolute masterpieces in a beautiful way. This time it is the Italian master Giovanni Bellini (c.1435-1516) that you’ll get to discover in the first French exhibition dedicated to him. It does not only focus on the painter’s works but on the entire artistic context surrounding him at the time. As it showcases some of his influences, this exhibition is a great introduction to get a better understanding of the Italian artistic scene of that period.

Giovanni Bellini, influences croisées from March 3rd through July 17th, 2023 at the Musée Jacquemart-André

“Philippe Cognée. La peinture d’après” at the Musée Bourdelle

One of our favorite museums in Paris is reopening and we couldn’t be more excited ! We’re always very curious to discover how the works of art are showcased in that beautiful building. We’re also very eager to discover their new exhibition “Philippe Cognée. La peinture d’après” that focuses on one of the artist’s project “Le Catalogue de Bâle”. From 2013 and 2015 the painter and sculptor has painted reproductions of famous artists' works on pages of Art Basel’s catalogs. An interesting way to discover an artist while rediscovering others!

Philippe Cognée. La peinture d’après from March 15th through July 16th 2023 at the Musée Bourdelle

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