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A Fashion Brand Committed to Eco-Friendly 100% Green Packaging

Shopping for the latest fashions, products, and services was already trending towards the online world before the pandemic, but now, global e-commerce has grown to more than $26.7 trillion worldwide. Why not? It only makes sense that we would want to take our time finding those particular outfits and styles that we love from the comfort of our phones. 

Unfortunately, while this increase in online shopping is great for fantastic brands like ours, it is a slippery slope from the amount of shipping and packaging sent to everyone’s doorstep growing exponentially. That is why Twin Flame is committed to using 100% green packaging solutions for all orders.

We share our client’s dedication to improving the overall health and eco-friendly practices that will ensure a better environment in the future. Our in-house designers came up with an incredible unboxing experience using four essential green packaging options that will give the peace of mind you need while also satisfying your love of shopping from a fashion boutique like Twin Flame.

Custom Made Recycled Stone Envelopes

Most in the fashion industry have a manufacturing process that includes packing each piece in a polyester plastic pouch for safety. Some companies keep this protection and pass it on to their customers, while others throw the bag out and repack their merchandise in green packaging.

Twin Flame wanted to improve this process, so we use a custom-made eco-friendly envelope made out of recycled stone. This may be new to some of our customers. Recycled stone paper is better for the environment because it is made from 100% recycled material. This means our comfortable and fashion-forward clothes go directly from our manufacturing partners to being packaged in a pouch that avoids polyester envelopes.

Why are stone paper envelopes more sustainable than a conventional paper box? Because they use:

  • No water
  • No trees
  • No acids
  • No bleach
  • Printed with soy ink
  • Uses a climate compensated transport 
  • Made with 100% solar energy 

We invite all our customers to reuse recycled paper envelopes for documents or other storage around the house to cut down on even more waste.

Twin Flame Reusable Shipping Envelope

Each of our luxurious pieces are carefully placed inside a reusable shipping envelope from Repack. This packing provider uses recycled and reused shipping materials from other retailers. They are a Finnish company focused on sustainable practices and business model solutions, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them.

Once you receive your Twin Flame order, you simply fold the empty pouch and return it to Repack using the nearest mailbox. This is an entirely free service that works from anywhere in the world. Our partnership with Repack allows Twin Flame to avoid excess waste and helps reduce our CO2 emissions by over 80%!


Seed Paper for our Branding Tag and Thank You Notes

 We love the intimate relationship developed with each of our Twin Flame clients and want to provide you with a complete fashion experience every time you shop our fabulous clothing line. That means using brand labels, button pouches, return forms, and thank you notes, all made from seed paper.

This is one of the most incredible ideas in sustainable packaging. Take any of this seed paper and replant it in a pot, add a bit of water, and in a few weeks, it will blossom into beautiful flowers. One more of the ways Twin Flame shows that fashion can be SEXY BY NATURE and doesn’t have to be a drag when you shop.


Biodegradable Tag Strings

 One of the reasons Twin Flame is so popular with our clients is that we pay attention to every detail of our designs. We want a product that makes you keep having to look back again because there is always some contour, line, or other feature that draws your attention. That same sensibility is also in our sustainable packaging.

Even the little strings attached to our brand tags are made out of cotton, with the closing end made from Bio PBS. This is a fully biodegradable material that won’t add to the growing waste moving around the globe.

100% Recyclable Customer Invoices

 That last step in our journey through Twin Flame’s sustainable packaging is our customer invoices. We don’t want to use up our natural resources faster than anyone else. That is why we use 100% recyclable paper, so the customer invoices placed inside our sustainable packaging remain eco-friendly. You can reuse this quality paper by leaving notes around the house for your special someone, especially for those steamy date nights. 

Twin Flame was founded by fashion models dedicated to providing the latest styles and designs that will turn heads and make jaws drop. We go a step further than the rest. We use sustainable packaging through our fashion boutique because we know our customers care about the environment and want a worry-free shopping experience. So the next time you’re looking for that perfect dress or top, think of Twin Flame!

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