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How To Update Your Closet Without Shopping For New Pieces

This article was written by Jen Cassamajor.

Feels like you have nothing to wear ? All the pieces in your closet suddenly seem dull and boring to you ? Well, this feeling can be overcome, we swear. We’re gonna prove to you that you can feel like having a brand new wardrobe without buying anything new. Shall we ?

1. Organize your closet

how to organise your closet


Well it’s that time of the year. You need to clean up your closet and organize everything. This time of the year is perfect to do so. Choose a day where it’s gloomy out and make sure to reward yourself right after it with a well-deserved at home spa session. That will give you the motivation to do it !

Get everything out, clothes, shoes and accessories. Keep whatever still makes sense and put on the side whatever you don’t wear anymore. This will unclog your closet and everything will feel easier to reach out for. But you might also fall in love with old pieces that are standing there dying to be worn.

What should you do with the pieces you don’t love anymore ? Give them away to a friend or charity, sell it on a second hand platform or if it is truly in a bad state make sure to deposit it in a clothing recycling facility, but please don’t ever throw it away as it will end up in a landfill. It is extremely polluting for the environment. This is why at Twin Flame we take the responsibility for our pre-loved pieces (Learn More About Our Engagement).

2. Make looks


Now that your closet is all cleaned up and you only have pieces you love, it’s time to make looks. The best way to take advantage of all your pieces is to know how to wear them. Take some time to play dress up and pair your pieces together, take pictures and prepare a file on your phone with all your looks. Whenever you don’t know what to wear just look up your file and you will get so much inspiration !

Another great way to get inspiration is to simply look at others ! In the street, on Instagram or on Pinterest, there are plenty of ways to get inspired. Save any picture where you love the styling and try to recreate the look with the pieces you already have in your closet. A little look around you can help you come up with new outfits with pieces you’ve already worn a hundred times !

This is exactly what we had in mind when creating the Double The Love skirt and the Twinsparency set. We wanted to create versatile pieces that could transition from summer to winter but also offer you so many different looks !

3. Get your clothes tailored


Sometimes the best way to give your piece a fresh new look is to simply tailor it. This is something Lisa and Karen, TF’s founders, do very often. A maxi dress that you have worn so many times can become a completely new piece if you make it mini ! You can also change the vibe of a piece by making it tighter. Sometimes it only takes a few inches to feel like you’re wearing a whole new piece !

If you’re feeling adventurous, this can also be an opportunity to learn how to do it yourself. You’ll get a brand new piece AND that satisfying feeling of making something with your hands.

4. Dye the piece


Source: pinterest

Speaking of making things yourself, have you ever thought about just changing the color of a piece ? This is a great and easy way to continue wearing a piece when you still like the style but got over the color or print. We love dying anything we don’t like anymore in black. Without much time and effort, we get a brand new and timeless piece in our closet.

You can also have fun and try more original stuff like tie-and-dye. Dying is also a great way to keep wearing clothes when the original color gets washed out.

5. Do clothes swaps with your bestie


We all have that one friend whose wardrobe could be ours. Well how about sharing it ? By exchanging pieces once in a while you get to create brand new outfits without having to shop for new pieces. It is also a great way to experiment with pieces you wouldn’t have bought in the first place. That also includes your guy friends or the boyfriend ! How about wearing a man blazer as a dress or an oversize t-shirt for a casual fit ?

Who knows, you might even get inspired by how your swap buddy styles your pieces and see them differently when getting them back !

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