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New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

This article was written by Jen Cassamajor.
First of all, the Twin Flame team would like to wish you the best year ever. To a new year full of love and fun ! We actually love this time of the year. We love that feeling of a fresh start and the idea that we can start over. January usually comes with a whole bunch of resolutions that are never kept for more than a week (Ah, all of those gym memberships…). Well, this year at TF we’ve decided to only make resolutions that we can actually keep with only one goal in mind : to have a happy 2023 !
Treat Yourself


This can come in so many forms. From having your favorite dessert to not leaving the house cause you just feel like being alone at home. We tend to feel like treating ourselves should come as a reward for doing something. “I’ll have a drink cause I’ve worked hard all week.”, “I only got a salad so I can have the chocolate cake”. Well, as much as it can feel nice to reward yourself after making some sort of effort, we should also note that life is here to be enjoyed. So how about we treat ourselves just because we feel like it ? Go to that party, have that self care day at home… You’ll see, this will make it much easier to get back to work afterwards !

Keep Learning


We live in a great era to learn on our own. Books, podcasts, documentaries… No matter what’s your thing, there is undoubtedly something out there that can help you educate yourself on many subjects without feeling like you’re being lectured or at school. We feel like this is the key to tackle so many issues, including climate-change. If we all educate ourselves a little bit more and discuss those issues together, we’re already doing the first part of the job. And you should not put social media aside. Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube… All those platforms can also serve as a great way to get information !

Stop Worrying About What People Think


We know what you’re thinking : easier said than done. We’re still learning on that part. But as soon as you’ll realize how much happier you can be doing simply what you want to, you won’t go back. So wear that mini skirt if you’re feeling like it, post that picture where you feel super sexy, start that new job if that’s what your heart and your mind advise you to do. At the end of the day, you’re the only one living your life so you might as well enjoy it as much as you can !

Love ! 


This one might be the easiest (and cheesiest) but also the most important to keep. Of course we get that you love your partner, your friends, your family… But this is more about showing and telling them. That’s the part we tend to skip. It can be as simple as a note on the fridge or a hug, but love ! Also, it creates a positive atmosphere around you : when we give love we also receive it. Who doesn’t appreciate a little dose of love once in a while ? 

Be Kind To Yourself


It is OK to fail. OK ? Accept the fact that you’re doing your best and that failing doesn’t make you a failure. Most of the time, it is actually a part of the process. The beginning of a year is also a great time to reflect on everything you’ve achieved in the year before. We tend to only focus on goals whereas we should also take the time to congratulate ourselves on what’s already done. You might feel like you haven’t done a lot but a year is a long time. You might be surprised by how much you’ve grown !


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