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The creative process behind the bodysuit

Each and every piece at Twin Flame is mindfully created in order to always offer clothing that make sense in your closet and will last you a lifetime. 

The idea and design 

The idea of the bodysuit only came after we had found the perfect fabric for the top. We feel in love with this sheer, made in Italy and certified silk, which gave instantly a whole new dimension to our top. 

During our creative process we always think about our client. As we know it is always such a hassle to find the perfect undergarment that fits the lines of the sheer top you just bought: our solution was to create THE bodysuit !

We wanted to highlight the sheerness & sensualness of the top as much as possible but still create a comfortable piece.

See below our first "toile of the bodysuit" : 


The prototypes 

The lines of the bodysuit follow the neckline of the top and then it drops in the back to show some skin. This product was the one that took the most time to get right, we had to do over 10 prototypes whereas only 3 for the silk top !

The patterns for the bodysuit at the factory 

The challenge here was the open back, in this typology of bodysuit the open back gave us a fitting challenge. The breast area was too exposed and the fitting around the waist was wrong. The fit and comfort was not there! But we never gave up and work closely with our technical designer and factory to find a way to finally get it right ! 

Below you can see pictures of some of our first prototypes : 

The fabric we chose is stretchy, comfortable but super luxurious. Read more about this zero waste pollution fabric. The fabric being so chic you can wear this bodysuit on it’s own ! So yes this top and bodysuit set is the gift that keeps on giving as our priority is to always spoil our future client! 

We also decided to add a snap closure for extra easiness when wearing the bodysuit, we all know the hassle of having to completely undress in a public restroom. 

We also love a versatile piece, that is why we did not attach the top and bodysuit together so you can wear them separately.

Find out the 5 way ways to wear the Twinsparency top & bodysuit on this post. 

We believe sustainability is first and foremost a piece you keep and wear forever and that is why we added this bodysuit, we wanted to make sure a sheer top was not going to be forgotten in your closet for years !

Love from Paris,

Karen & Lisa

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